Mixing Tanks

When an application requires mixing, Deutsche Process has the engineering and experience to manufacture the proper tank and agitation to meet your processing needs. Deutsche offers a variety of agitators designed from mild to aggressive mixing as well as dissolving solids or keeping items in suspension. Deutsche Mixing Tanks can be produced with a variety of tank geometries including dish, flat or cone tops and bottoms. Our Mix Tanks can also be provided with any combination of jackets or insulation for heating and cooling.

Mixing applications include:
Turbine style blades, which are primarily used for blending low viscosity products, Impeller style, Marine Props and High-performance axial flow impellers (Hydrofoil Impellers). These types of agitators may be used in conjunction with baffles along with single or multiple impellers. Deutsche will custom design your tank and agitation with many options available. Automation and controls are available with any tank.


  • Tanks sized from 150 gallon to 10,000 gallons
  • Custom / specialized impeller designs
  • Mixing / Heating / Cooling Automated Controls
  • ASME Grade Material Option
  • Welded or Adjustable Design
  • On / Off Center and Angular Offset Mixing
  • C-Face and Stainless-Steel Motors
  • Food Grade & Special Lubricants
  • Inverter Duty Motors
  • Sanitary CIP Ball Arrangement
  • Vertical and Horizontal tank Options
  • Dish / Flat / Conical top and bottoms
  • National Electrical Code Hazard Environment location ratings available (etc. C1D1)