Steep Extraction System

Deutsche Process’s Steep Extraction system is a versatile mixing tank with false bottom floor for solids separation.  It is an economical all-in-one steeping and filtering solution for medium and large size (100 gallons and above) production facilities for products such as cold brew coffee, hot brewed coffee, fruit infused beverages, and more.  The system includes the following for efficient steeping, filtering, and product quality control:


  • Variable-frequency motor driven agitator w/ material out
  • Insulated, jacketed tank for hot or cold steeping applications
  • Complete sanitary hard-piped process and cleaning piping with centrifugal pump
  • Dual stainless-steel filter columns for selectable micron bag filters
  • Automated control system with panel
  • Standard sizes = 150, 225, 300, 450, 600 Gallon
  • Power available in 240V (3PH) or 480V (3PH) for all systems and 220V (1PH) for 300 gallons systems and smaller
  • Custom adaptions to meet your process specific needs available