rotax system

ROTAX Continuous Extraction System

The ROTAX continuous extraction system is designed for high volume continuous counter-current solvent extraction. The system manages biomass feed, spent biomass discharge and captured oil concentrate to create a fully automated production. All systems can be customized for specific end user requirements, with the ability to adjust the extraction to both a cryogenic or heated operation. The ROTAX is designed to process 500 pounds of biomass per hour with less than 0.5% residual extractable material remaining in biomass. The control system gives full control over all operational parameters such as temperature, residence time, and flow rates, giving the user the flexibility to increase production up to 1000 lbs/hr with reduced extraction efficiencies.


  • Temperature controlled counter-current solvent extraction
  • Up to 1000 lb/hr biomass rate
  • Fully automated controls
  • 600 gallon Solvent storage
  • Up to 4000 lb/hr solvent feed and recovery rate
  • 300 gallon miscella holding tank
  • 150 gallon oil collection tank
  • Down to 0.5% solvent remaining in Product Stream
  • In-line spent biomass drying and solvent reproofing
  • National Electrical Code Hazard Environment location ratings available (etc. C1D1)