Mechanical extraction unit

Mechanical Extraction Unit (MEU)

The Deutsche Process Mechanical Extraction Unit, “MEU”, is a highly flexible batch style steeping extraction system paired with continuous or batch style oil-solvent separation equipment. The core design consists of a steeping tank that feeds into a solids-liquids separation unit. The separation unit then feeds the liquid to an oil-solvent continuous feed separation unit or to any number of our Surface Kettle Scraper-Solvent Condenser Receivers. The solids are sent to a drying screw where the raffinate is recovered and can be re-used. The MEU is built with solvent storage and sub-zero chilling heat exchangers and can be ran with extraction temperatures as low as 40C. Integrated with the right utilities and automated controls, the MEU is essentially a full extraction and separation operation all in one.


  • Temperature controlled solvent extraction
  • Up to 175 lb/hr biomass rate
  • Fully automated controls
  • 600 gallon Solvent storage
  • Flexible options for solvent-oil separation and recovery
  • Power available in 208V, 240V or 480V 3ph (amperage depends on final options)
  • In-line spent biomass drying and solvent reproofing
  • Customizable and scalable options available upon request
  • Utilities and piping service available
  • National Electrical Code Hazard Environment location ratings available (etc. C1D1)