short path distillation unit

Short Path Distillation Unit

The agitated film Short Path Distillation Unit (SPDU) is a molecular distillation system for separating high molecular weight mixtures, based on differences in boiling point. Vacuum pressures as low as 0.05 torr are utilized in order to lower vapor temperatures, and the internal condenser provides a short path for distillate vapor to travel with minimal pressure drop, for effective physical separation; these together combine to allow for the efficient separation of high molecular weight, thermally labile distillate products.

The Short Path Distillation Unit consists of 2 different models, with either a 6” WFE or 10” WFE. Crude oil with no residuals solvents can be fed at rates up to 50L/hr depending on the WFE model. Both systems are a single pass design, but a second pass can be done to achieve a high potency concentrate in the 90% range.


  • Wiped Film Evaporators of either 6” or 10” diameter
  • Feed rates (10-50L) per hour
  • Fully automated controls
  • Evaporator temperature controlled with oil utilities
  • 10 gallon storage and collection vessels
  • Multi-pass capable system
  • 304L SS construction
  • Closed loop design
  • National Electrical Code Hazard Environment location ratings available (etc. C1D1)
  • Standard Power requirements: 208V, 3 Phase, 110amps