The Rotax Continuous Extraction unit is designed for a high volume of continuous Counter Current Solvent Extraction. Used in a variety of agricultural BioMass Oil Extraction the system is designed for Industrial process plants that are attempting to achieve a high level of throughput with limited downtime or human interaction. The Rotax system is designed for Fully automated operation with self feeding input material and discharge of spent material with 99.9% solvent recovery through its patented recovery conveyor. All systems can be customized for the specifications; throughput and operational parameters of the end users needs. System are also designed for Cryogenic or heated operation.


  • Efficient, high-throughput, counter-current extraction
  • Scalable, from 250lbs to 1000lbs of biomass per hour
  • Efficient solvent removal and recovery
  • Processing options for biomass and liquid (extract) product streams
  • Engineered to your specifications
  • Fully-automated controls software
  • ASME Certified Construction
  • GMP & C1D1 Compliant
  • Modular Design

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