The quality of Deutsche Process’s sanitary equipment is at the forefront of every facet of design. Through all of our partner affiliates, we strive to build a progressive package of equipment that not only functions well but comes with the peace of mind that Deutsche Process will stand behind its products and engineering, and makes sure our customers are well taken care of through our on-site support and 24/7 client service and support.

Customer service in general in general is the leading factor in a production environment that separates Deutsche Process from our competition. We strive to build a plant setting that is trouble-free for years to come by over-engineering every facet of the design to ensure that our assemblies are not the weak point of your operation. We make sure that the needs of our customers are met throughout every phase of their projects.

Equipment We Provide

  • Customized Tank and Vessel Solutions

  • PLC Automation

  • Mixers

  • Variety of Specific Pumps

  • Flow Components

  • Augers

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Steam and Hot Water Boilers

  • Glycol Chillers

  • Strainers

  • Bin Unloaders

  • In-Line Steam Injectors
  • Mass Flow Meters

  • High Purity Diaphragm Valves

  • Metal Separation Magnets

  • Scales; Metal Detectors; Load Cells

  • Temperature and Pressure Instrumentation

  • Clean-In-Place Equipment

  • Filtration Equipment

  • Centrifuges

  • Cabinet and Tunnel Washers

  • Progressive Cavity Pumps

  • Sterilization Systems

  • In-Tank and Inline Shear Mixing

  • Homogenizers

  • Flash Pasteurizers