Wiped Film Evaporator

Wiped Film Evaporator (WFE)

Deutsche Process Wipe Film Evaporators (WFE, Wif-fe) are designed and fabricated for short residence time, high temperature and low contact time evaporation, making these evaporators ideal for medium to high viscosity heat sensitive materials that have a tendency to foul. The mechanical action of the rotor blades is designed to provide bow wave characteristics to the flow, allowing for superior separation on the first past. The standard system includes a feed system and collection tanks, with smaller systems being fully skidded. Controls and automation included, making the system easy to use and creating consistency between runs.

The wipe film evaporator works by pumping the process fluid into the top of the evaporator. The fluid then is distributed by the feed ring where the wiper blade creates a thin film on the heated wall. As the rotor spins, the blades wipe the material creating turbulence and wiping a new layer on the heated wall. Gravity and pusher blades make the material move down the evaporator wall. The evaporated vapor coming off leaves the evaporator through a port on the top or bottom depending on application. The vapor is then condensed outside the evaporator. Collected concentrate is held in the bottom of the evaporator until it is pumped to collection vessel.


  • Ideal evaporator for high viscosity fluids and low residual solvent
  • Operating pressure from full vacuum to medium pressures
  • Evaporator Surface areas of 0.5 ft sq to 50+ ft sq
  • Variable Speed Rotor for precision tip speed
  • Plate and frame and shell and tube condenser designs
  • Multiple blade designs based on fluid application
  • Indirect proprietary high film coefficient jacketed heating systems
  • National Electrical Code Hazard Environment location ratings available (etc. C1D1)
  • Standard Power requirements: 208V, 3 Phase, 50-100 amps