Tilting Steeper

Tilting Steeper

The tilting steeper is an easy to use mobile vessel that makes flavor extraction simple and effective. This all stainless-steel vessel utilizes a wedge-wire basket with 350-micron gaps, capable of filtering a multitude of process ingredients. Recirculation or fill and steep methods can be used to achieve desired product flavors. As the name indicates, the vessel itself tilts and the basket is fully removable for easy cleanout. Coffee beans or grounds, hops, fruits, vegetables, purees, herbs, and more the tilting steeper is a versatile process solution for your flavor extraction needs.


  • Available in 100L, 200L, and 300L sizes
  • Sealed sanitary vessel capable of purged recirculating or steeping for minimal DO pickup
  • 30 psi pressure rated vessel
  • Skidded unit is built on casters for mobile use throughout the facility
  • 350-micron removable wedge wire basket filter