Seltzer & Infused Beverage System

Our Seltzer and Infused Beverage System offers a turn-key solution for those looking to create their own craft beverages. The industry-leading SIEMENS control platform allow intelligent and user-friendly control of all heating, pump, and motor function. Featuring a combination vessel for introduction of water and your ingredient bases. Heating is no issue with 3 available configurations that include steam, electric, and indirect fire. The filter canister is the next step in the process that removes any unwanted particulate in pre or post-infusion. An oversized, dual-stage heat exchanger comes standard on all systems for expedited cooling. The infusing occurs in a sanitary pressure rated vessel with a v-wire removable basket which holds your addition in a contained vessel to prevent oxidation. Completely “closed” purgeable system to prevent oxidation while keeping all processes contained. To learn how this infused beverage system can benefit your operation give us a call!

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  • Jacketed Kettle-Whirlpool combi-vessel for the mixing of your water with malted base
  • Steam and Electric Heating are designed for process and medium
  • Dual stage heat exchanger: for knockout at precision temps for fermentation
  • Infusing vessel: for your fruit, concentrate, spice, or hop additions that are not in the boil
  • Custom and Skid mounted designs: 100G – 200G Systems
  • Integrated CIP assembly
  • Optional steam condenser
  • Optional Holding, Carbonating, and Mixing Vessels available with systems
  • SPX Class C pump with ABB motor assembly integrated into customizable hard-piped design
  • IFM temperature probes and connectivity
  • SIEMENS 4″ HMI to control pump speed, vessel temperatures, and lighting. All electrical components UL Certified