Seltzer & Infused Beverage System

Our brand new Seltzer and Infused Beverage System boasts a combination vessel for introduction of water and your ingredient bases. Heating is no issue with 3 available configurations that include steam, electric, and indirect fire. The filter canister is the next step in the process that removes any unwanted particulate in pre or post infusion. An oversized, dual-stage heat exchanger comes standard on all systems for expedited cooling. The infusing occurs in a sanitary pressure rated vessel with a v-wire removable basket which holds your addition in a contained vessel to prevent oxidation. Completely “closed” purgeable system to prevent oxidation while keeping all processes contained. Industry leading SIEMENS control platform for intelligent and user friendly control of all heating, pump, and motor function.


  • Jacketed Kettle-Whirlpool combi-vessel for the mixing of your water with malted base
  • Steam and Electric Heating are designed for process and medium
  • Dual stage heat exchanger: for knockout at precision temps for fermentation
  • Infusing vessel: for your fruit, concentrate, spice, or hop additions that are not in the boil
  • Custom and Skid mounted designs: 100G – 200G Systems
  • Integrated CIP assembly
  • Optional steam condenser
  • Optional Holding, Carbonating, and Mixing Vessels available with systems
  • SPX Class C pump with ABB motor assembly integrated into customizable hard-piped design
  • IFM temperature probes and connectivity
  • SIEMENS 4″ HMI to control pump speed, vessel temperatures, and lighting. All electrical components UL Certified