Oil Separation system

Oil Separation System

The Deutsche Process Oil Separation System is designed and fabricated for reducing production time and capital investment. By putting two or more evaporator types in series final product desired can be met in one process system. Our systems have industry leading pumps, valves and instruments. The systems are completed with fully integrated tanks, condensers, piping and controls making install and operation simple for the end user. Controls and automation included make the system easy to use and creates consistency of production runs.

The combo rising film wiped evaporator is setup to complete high removal of solvent and end with very low-level residual solvent in the concentrate. This setup is commonly used for concentrates that are very viscous when concentrated. The operation of the system includes process fluid pumping into the rising film evaporator where majority of the solvent is separated utilizing the large surface area. Once the concentrated oil is collected out of the rising film and into the cyclone it is then pumped into the wiped film evaporator for further reduction of solvent utilizing the mechanical action of the wiper blades.


  • Best used for solvent removal (i.e. ethanol), Juice concentration, Broths, Heat sensitive products
  • Feed rates of 30lbs per hour to 4000+lbs per hour
  • High volume solvent removal of up to 99.9%
  • Shell Tube and Plate Frame Designs for rising film
  • Feed Pre-heaters and economizer to increase efficiency
  • Heating is commonly completed using steam or heating oil
  • National Electrical Code Hazard Environment location ratings available (etc. C1D1)
  • Standard Power requirements: 208V, 3 Phase, 50-100amps