Person holding Nutraceutical pills


Deutsche Process’s extensive background with sanitary equipment applications allowed for a simple entrance into the nutraceutical field. From enzyme fermentation plants to vitamin production facilities, a strong presence in the market and industry knowledge will allow Deutsche Process to find a solution for your needs. Starting with standard formulation and holding tanks, we can build and automate processes from the seed stage through mass production. If standard equipment won’t meet the requirements, we have the ability to build custom tanks and other sanitary equipment. Supplementing our tanks are our CIP (Clean-In-Place) systems ranging from movable carts to fully integrated plant level systems to help with your sanitization needs.

In addition to our processing equipment we also partner with multiple companies to supply utility equipment including but not limited to chillers, sub-zero chillers, cooling towers, and boilers. Our goal is always to supply a fully integrated process and turn-key solution in setting up your process. We also have an in-house service team that can supply piping, tank repair, or any of your other mechanical needs.

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