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Food & Beverage

Deutsche Process started in the food and Beverage industry and still enjoys serving all your equipment needs. We have a deep understanding of sanitary requirements and can provide extraction (steeping) equipment, CIP systems (Clean-In-Place), formulation or holding tanks, and additional utility equipment or mechanical services to offer you a Turn-Key solution to starting up your process. Our extraction equipment has been used in a variety of industries from biomass to brewing to coffee and comes in multiple sizes to fit your processing needs. Similarly, our formulation and holding tanks provide versatile options and can be customized to ensure the fit to your specific manufacturing process. Supplementing those tanks and systems are our CIP (Clean-In-Place) systems which range in size from movable carts to full plant size custom systems.

In addition to our processing equipment we also partner with multiple companies to supply utility equipment including but not limited to chillers, sub-zero chillers, cooling towers, and boilers. Our goal is always to supply a fully integrated process and turn-key solution in setting up your process. We also have an in-house service team that can supply piping, tank repair, or any of your other mechanical needs.

See our extraction systems and tanks, formulation and specialty mix tanks, CIP Systems, utility options and field service links below. Don’t forget, we can also build custom tanks to suit your specific needs.