biomass plants for extraction


Biomass applications and markets are rapidly changing and becoming increasingly competitive. Deutsche Process offers a full line of extraction, distillation, and material handling options of various sizes to help cover all your potential needs. Our core focus centers around extraction systems built in various sizes with integrated controls automation to allow for maximum flexibility when trying to develop your process. We supplement the extraction processes with the downstream distillation and evaporation equipment to recover the solvents and end material. To complete the suite of products we partnered with utility and multiple material handling companies to provide everything from chillers, boilers and cooling towers as well as storage silos to unloading and conveyance equipment. Our goal is always to build a fully integrated process that allows the end-user to maximize their process.

All the listed equipment can be sold separate or ala cart to help fill in any process gaps at any existing facility. Pair that with our Systems Integration team and we can provide automated controls to incorporate old and new equipment, regardless of the original manufacturer.

Our state-of-the-art hemp extraction equipment is designed to efficiently and effectively extract CBD, CBG, and other valuable compounds from hemp plants. Using advanced CO2 and ethanol-based methods, our extraction machines produce high-quality, pure extracts that are perfect for use in a wide range of products. Whether you’re a small-scale farmer or a large-scale manufacturer, our hemp extraction equipment is the perfect solution for all of your hemp processing needs.

See our line of complete extraction systems paired with evaporation and distillation recovery equipment as well as individual components below.